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5  Stars! A riveting and original novel

By Midwest Book Review on February 11, 2009


A 2008 Independent Publisher Award Winner in the Romance category, Cynthia B. Ainsworthe's "Front Row Center" is a superbly crafted novel that is only available as an E-Book, published as a CD text. The story of Taylor Allen, a happily married business woman, begins with her attendance at a concert where she encounters Larry Davis, a world-renowned singing idol and eligible bachelor whose passion is for his music. Yet Larry finds himself as much drawn to Taylor as she is to him as she sits in the front row, center seat, where their eyes meet and a kind of electricity passes between them. What happens next is told in the form of a fast-paced narrative as Ainsworthe explores through the lives of her characters just what would make a happily married woman cheat on her husband. The answers are neither simple or predictable. "Front Row Center" is a riveting and original novel which can be confidently recommended for readings who prefer their romance literature to be sophisticated, complex, thoughtful, thought-provoking, and thoroughly entertaining.

Comment on Midwest Book Review of Front Row Center:

beachside com says:

Cynthia really knows how to draw readers in through character development and a riveting plot. Her ability to evoke emotion is impressive and I highly recommend this book.



5 Stars Fantastic book. Story moved along rapidly

By Laurie Allen on October 1, 2014

Format: Kindle Edition

Verified Purchase


Fantastic book. Story moved along rapidly. I loved it.



5 Stars well done

By diana lopez on September 29, 2014

Format: Kindle Edition

Verified Purchase

Well done and beautifully written and keeps you on the edge wondering what will happen.

5 Stars A Romantic Suspense to Love and Remember!

By Micki Pelusoon September 4, 2014

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

Front Row Center By Cynthia B. Ainsworthe

Taylor and Paul Allen live a wonderful life. Their only child has left the nest. Paul, an artist, owns a successful Art Gallery and Taylor is highly regarded in her job as a district manager for a prestigious National clothing store. They share a beautiful love, passionate sex and genuinely like and respect each other. Life couldn't get any better.

Yet it becomes incredibly better when Taylor receives a gift from Paul -- Front Row Center tickets to see her favorite singer and Idol, Larry Davis perform. Her life changes forever.

As Larry sings to his adoring fans, his eyes rest upon Taylor and they both become mesmerized. Paul is annoyed but allows his wife to have her fantasy, never realizing how far it will take her. Larry invites the couple backstage after the show and takes a strong liking to Paul as well, considering them both his new friends.

Author Cynthia B. Ainsworthe goes beyond 'the eternal triangle' in this fascinating romantic suspense novel of love, lust and betrayal. Her sexual scenes are so steamy they fall just short of erotic. The book is well-written and she manages to capture her readers' attention with a few main characters, keeping interest high as the story grows in intensity. Emotions flare, the plot turns and twists into a climatic ending that takes the reader completely by surprise. After reading the fascinating excerpt taken from the next book soon to be released, readers enjoying this first part of the series will look forward to the sequel.

This award-winning, widely received five-star novel is a must read for those who appreciate a well told story. . . Watch for the next book in this compelling "Forbidden Series".

Micki Peluso, author of . . . And the Whippoorwill Sang



5.0 out of 5 stars An unusual romance, 20 Aug 2014

By Chris R

Verified Purchase

This review is from: Front Row Center (Forbidden Series Book 1) (Kindle Edition)

I found this a long and in depth romance which was gripping and hard to put down. I won't spoil the story for others but it had twists to the plot, interesting characters and some very descriptive sections on places such as Paris and New York. I found myself really caring as to what happened in the life of the main characters. I look forward to the sequel.



5 Stars Temptation both plagues and torments

By Zona on June 29, 2014

Format: Kindle Edition


Cynthia Ainsworthe- This book is amazing starting from the bookcover to the very last page. The bookcover is one of the best I’ve seen. If it doesn’t tempt someone to read the contents within,nothing will.

There is hot romance among a loving couple who have been together a quarter of a century. This adds a wonderful ingredient to the story. It is nice to see a couple be so loving after being together for so long. This couple is stable with all the comforts that come from an ambitious couple who get what they want out of life.
It is refreshing to get away from the “honeymoon” phase of a romance and read about the embers still burning in the desire fire.

Taylor, the wife, is an enormous fan of sexy singer Larry Davis. Paul, the husband, is supportive of his wife’s adoration and takes her to a concert. He has no reason to be jealous. He and Taylor are madly in love, have more than a healthy sex-life with a strong and binding commitment, with complete faith and trust in each other. Nothing could ever come between them, or could it?

During the concert, Taylor catches Larry’s eye and winds up backstage to meet him, with Paul in tow.

Before they know what happens, temptation both plagues and torments Taylor and Larry. Do the give in and betray the loving and trusting Paul?
I for one, do not like writing spoilers. It is up to the eye of the reader to find the answer to this question from the author’s words, not mine.



5 Stars patrick loughrey

By patrick loughrey on June 10, 2014


'Front Row Centre' by Cynthia B Ainsworthe is an awesome book:-) I enjoyed reading 'Front Row Centre', it had me on the edge of my seat as the drama in the book first class. the story line is fantastic and perfectly written by the author. The book is full of twists, turns and the characters really come alive. I luv reading the book and I recommend it as a must read and buy.:-)


5 Stars devour to savory essence of love in its purest form

By Paul Hafalla on February 14, 2014

Verified Purchase


Have you ever dreamed of a love affair with a celebrity? If so, you will probably connect with Ainsworth’s book Front Row Center. Taylor, a successful and happily-married business woman becomes obsessed with singing icon Larry Davis. Her obsession spirals into an illicit affair when she finds out that Larry reciprocates her feelings and she must decide between Larry and her husband Paul. While providing a number of detailed intimate scenes throughout, the inclusion of several plot twists and turns makes the book enticing to read. A must have in your collection.



5 Stars A reading masterpiece unequalled

By Yvonne Nichie on November 5, 2013


One of the best novels I have ever read! Gripping, exciting and intoxicating -- you can't put it down. Lots of unexpected twists and turns. Great character development that will have you hanging on to every word and action. Cynthia brings her characters to life in a refreshing way -- you feel that you know them. I didn't want it to end!



5 Stars Talented Author turns a marriage and romantic affair into a great read!

By Mamie on September 21, 2013


Author Cynthia Ainsworthe pens this romance into a page turner you are not likely to put down.

Together with romance, marriage, betrayal, lust and murder, Ms. Ainsworthe makes you feel as though you were seated in an audience watching this as it unfolds from the edge of your seat.

This novel is very well written and if you are looking for an escape into another realm, this book is for you. But do not think at any time you will know which way this plot will take you as the surprise are the twists it takes. I think that is part of the mystic Ms. Ainsworthe offers.

Then you add the life of superstar Davis to the mix and watch as lust unfolds into a steamy romance where the betrayal and murder become a part of this story.

Now, I can't and won't give away the story line here but can tell you that this book is one you don't want to miss reading. For us, it was a delightful escape from reality and we thank Ms. Ainsworthe for the adventure.

Reflections of Mamie
A Story of Survival









Discussion comments on Cynthia’s Amazon Author Page:

Topic:  a first-rate author


FlashGuy says:

If you have never read anything by Cynthia B. Ainsworthe, now is the right time to do so!


T R Heinan says:

Cynthia Ainsworthe is one of those talented new writers that rewards readers to move past the NYT best seller lists. Glad I discovered her book.


Zona says:

Cynthia is amazing and I wish her all the luck in the world with her manuscript. What an exciting endeavor. Every author would love to be in your shoes. I am excited for you. I almost feel like it is me facing such an accomplishment. YEAH!
Renee Robinson
Captain Chemo: Out Cancer, Out! (Captain Chemo and Team Book 1)


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