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Thank You to Mr. Barry Manilow


Barry Manilow captured the essence of the times during the first concert I attended at Carnegie Hall on a chilly November evening in New York in 1974. Fortunately, I was seated in the center seat of the second row. He sang of hope and love.


I have the extremely fond memory of first seeing him in New York City’s Upstairs/Downstairs, when he played behind the keyboard for a singer. Barry’s rising star was beginning to glimmer in 1969.


Barry continued to communicate this same message in his Tampa concert at the St. Pete Times Forum on October 30, 2004, with just as much unbeatable talent and emotion. Each new performance surpasses the previous one, as Barry’s artistry is boundless. His talent is unstoppable and he is a showman’s showman. The emotions and images his music evokes touch the hearts of all who listen.


Mr. Manilow sells every song from the depth of his heart, revealing the caring person that he is. His musical career is unparalleled by no other. At every turn, he inspires and lifts spirits. His music is just one of many gifts he has given the world. He affects the lives of all who listen to his words of courage, love, and hope.


His longstanding advice to “Follow your dream”, “Take a chance”, and “Do what you love, and the rest will follow”,  as well as his music, inspired me to venture into the realm of writing. It is with my most heartfelt sincerity and admiration that I say to Mr. Manilow, “Thank you for the years of beautiful music, beautiful memories, courage, and the inspiration you have given me. You continue to motivate my desire to follow my love of words and passion.” 


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