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My Writing Process ~ Suspenseful Romance

I was invited by  Trish Jackson to take place in this Writing Process blog tour. She is a romance writer who focuses on romance with a western flair. Her Redneck PI and Capricorn series are a must read for all romance readers who enjoy reading suspenseful romance set in raw and rural settings with plenty of heat and grit—a “what will happen next” romance mystery. A link to her books.


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Novel, Front Row Center, Featured Write-up in
Max It Magazine

Published on Sunday, 30 June 2013 20:51 in Max It

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Orange County, California, United States 
Development Feature


                                                                                                Scott C. Brown IMDb


It was announced early this week that an adaptation of the IPPY award winning novel, Front Row Center, is currently being co-written by Scott C. Brown & Cynthia B. Ainsworthe.


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IPPY Award

Interview by A. D. Ellis -- Author July 11, 2015


1) Tell us about your most embarrassing moment. (Book related or not)


When I was 19, and dining in a very exclusive restaurant at a formal event in a hotel restaurant, my false eyelash fell into my soup. My date thought there was an insect of some sort floating in the broth.


2) How would you spend your “perfect day”?


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