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Write-up in Max It Magazine (continued)


"When Cynthia approached me earlier this year to help her adapt her IPPY award winning novel, Front Row Center, I was extremely surprised that it hadn't already been optioned for the big screen." Stated Scott C. Brown of Pushing The Pen "It didn't take long for us to come to a co-writing agreement."


"I'm very happy to have Scott working with me on this. I know he's busy with several other projects that are in production and development." Commented Cythia B. Ainsworthe, in a telephone interview from her home in Florida. "When he told me we should adapt it into not only a feature, but a mini-series as well, I knew I had selected the correct person to co-write it with me. I've always pictured it in the style of the North & South mini-series.


It's a massive undertaking to take a novel of it's size and adapt it to a screenplay, but Scott has been walking me through the process and we have made a lot of progress. Several hundred pages are already groomed down to a first draft."


"My first concern in taking on such a massive work as Front Row Center is that the storyline doesn't go astray from the small details that often get cut out." Said Scott C. Brown from his home in Orange County, CA. "I'm currently working with the International Best Selling author Janny Wurts to adapt her novel To Ride Hell's Chasm, which is comparable in length to Front Row Center. These are not projects you rush through.


I compare it to brain surgery with a chainsaw. There is so much material that has to be cut away to get it down to a screenplay length, but all too often that cutting ends up taking the plot points with it. So, we eat this elephant one bite at a time and it is really adapting nicely."

"If things continue, we could have the initial draft completed by the first of the year." Mentioned Cynthia "From the mini-series script, we'll continue to groom it down into the feature length."

When asked what they would do when finished, Cynthia replied "I've already received a few requests for a copy of the script when it is complete by people that have an understanding on how to produce this type of project."


Cynthia is currently working on a children's book, and her next novel.



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